How I work
This is a short example of how I create a logo for the company.

I begin by asking my client a few questions to find out what he or she expects. Some people have a clear concept in their mind even if they don't realize it and my job is simply to bring it to life.
Then I make some sketches to exploit the logo. However, this is not always necessary, because the process of creating the logo is different and unique every time.

I design a few concepts in Adobe Illustrator (Illustrator is much more suited to logo design than Corel Draw, which in this case is quite limited)

The client selects one of the concepts then I work on perfecting it. The client asked me to add a simple photographic symbol:

The client chooses one of the ideas and now we are looking for the best colors for the logo:

Final design:

Logo design is only the first step in creating corporate identity. Here are more designs I made for the same client:

And of course the website: